Saturday, April 18, 2009

If this is funny in heaven then count me out.

So I was in Redwing MN promoting a Biker Rally that I am helping to put on. I was hungry so I stopped at Pizza Hut because yes I love that shit and have not had in about 3 years. Anyway I was by myself so I like to read when I eat. There was no paper so I settled on this Lunch Tibits of Redwing I think it was called the Flash. I started reading it and the front had the same old shit what happened yesterday stupid news. What I love about these things is the trivia I look for it its fun and usually harmless. Well The Flash destoryed that feeling the questions were ,When does a fetus grow fingernails? What now? So the rest of them went on like that right under that they had the daily humor that went like this.

A man was wondering about the universe and he asked god What is a second to you? God said its a million years. The man said well how much is a million dollars to you? God said its a penny. HMMM said the man well could I have a penny? God said just give me a minute.


I would hope that God thought that sex is funny or life is funny or the fact that we go so crazy about being right for him. I really hope that that crap in the Flash makes him shake his head in dismay. If God thinks its funny then I will ask for a one way trip to hell upon my judgement day. I would rather burn for all of time with Geroge Carlin and Lenny bruce then be subjected to that Crap!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why does Bob Saget Still get Work!

HE'S BACK ON ABC!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats all

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just thinking

So I have discovered Pandora. I have known about it for a while but, Will the guy I share an office at my new not paying right now start up is big into it. I have now fallen in love with and I am using it as I am typing.It is awesome it has gotten me thinking about life art and memories.

Well I am not going to sound as smart as most of my friends.I'm sure that this point has been made already by someone much smarter then I but, just bare with me.

I think that the greatest thing that art does for us is give us a sense of history. Its not done with facts or data its done with a feeling remembering a laugh you had when a drunk friend sang a song off key and loudly. I think that feeling gives us the realization that time has past.

I know I am not original but just thinking.