Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

My Mom is awesome!!! She is the reason that my Dad and I are not in jail or homeless drunks. She puts family first and she expands the word family to anyone with in a hundred mile radius of her! She would give the shirt off her back to anyone that she likes or loves. She is great! So I don't mind taking the time to make her dinner and give her a gift.
What I do mind is that we as a society have to be special at sometime a year as if a birthday is not enough. Do we really need half the holidays that we have? Valentines is the best example it is used to sell cards and gifts during the slow sales times sound like a day that we just had? Anyway i could go on but I think the examples would be endless( administrative assistants day comes to mind) so I will just end my post like this MOM DADS ROCK deserve a day the rest of us should be happy with our birthdays.

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