Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just thinking

So I have discovered Pandora. I have known about it for a while but, Will the guy I share an office at my new not paying right now start up is big into it. I have now fallen in love with and I am using it as I am typing.It is awesome it has gotten me thinking about life art and memories.

Well I am not going to sound as smart as most of my friends.I'm sure that this point has been made already by someone much smarter then I but, just bare with me.

I think that the greatest thing that art does for us is give us a sense of history. Its not done with facts or data its done with a feeling remembering a laugh you had when a drunk friend sang a song off key and loudly. I think that feeling gives us the realization that time has past.

I know I am not original but just thinking.


Evan Nelson said...

Are you saying that art gives us an ability to comprehend time? At least we can more specifically remember past instances than, say, a dog. Or my cats.

My stupid, stupid cats.

Al said...

When I hear My Own Prison (always by accident), I remember and am thankful for how much time has passed since I liked Creed.

(Also, I'd take issue with what Evan wrote, but I won't. Unless you want 200 comments on this blog post.)

Tony Ruccolo said...

Yeah I guess that we art does give us or maybe a better way to say it is that art enhances or ability to comprehend time.

Evan Nelson said...

My cats, just the other day, were waxing nostalgic about their kitten days.

Because, you know, animals are just animal-shaped containers for people-minds. Animals could have advanced culture, too, with all of its benefits of security, its benefits of resource acquisition and management, all of its benefits of offspring survival -- it's just that they don't want it.

Kris said...

The best thing that art does is show us what we did. It's like history, but fun.