Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brother can you spare a dime

So its going on to week of being fired. I can safely say that I am starting to panic a little. I have been gigging a lot so that has made time seem more productive then it actually has been. I have looked for some jobs but, I always think why besides for the money because pretty sure that I will be back here in a year. So I have come up with a plan.
Tony Ruccolo for Minnesota Governor in 2010! I think that this is a fiscally sound Idea. Once I get that job it will be smooth sailing. My platform will be Pay me, Legalize it and let everyone and anything marry what they want thats right you crazy right wing fucks I will be able to smoke a joint and marry my spoon. You ask why should Minnesota make me their governor? Sure I am not of the legal age and I don't have a four year but, I do have moxy. I am OK with saying outrageous things and not backing them up with action so of course I will legalize prostitution and anything else the public wants legal. Remember I just want to get paid. I think this gives me a ton of freedom.
More on this later.


Evan Nelson said...

Smoke a bowl and marry a spoon.

Comedy gold, Jerry!

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A drug that helps you sleep?

Kris said...

It would be refreshing to have a politician come right out and say they're just looking for a pay day. You got my vote.