Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here I go again.

So it has been a while since I have done this but I have a lot to get off my chest. Well in these last nine or so months ( one second doesn't Bobby Jindhal sound like a Mr. Rogers fuck Hi Bobby will you tell me why I suck and by the way the strength of America is our GOVERNMENT THAT'S WHY EVERYONE WANTS TO BE LIKE US YOU FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyway since the last post I got married we got a dog Mingus he is awesome he is coming along nicely he will be a year in March. We have a house granted my Parents old house but a house. I also have started a small business and its in music so that is great. My band is starting to taking off and Yes I was fired for the second time. The more that I am on this journey that is life I like the idea of having"you can't say I didn't try" on my tombstone. I feel like I have been trying and trying and not really getting anywhere. I feel as though that I tell the same story to my friends and it just is different date and people in the story.
Anyway that is the last of that.
So there is a couple of things that really have pissed me off so I am going to do my normal no grammar don't give a fuck rant.
SOOO I hate Health care. I hate the fucks that make money off of other people pain and suffering. I hate the fact that I kept my crappy Harley Job for Crappy insurance that ended up not covering what I wanted to and now that I have been fired they are asking for all my receipts and basically auditing. AHHHH WHAT SHOULD I HAVE EPECTED FROM A COMPANY THAT STARTED BY INSURING SLAVES THANKS ANTEA THAT'S RIGHT ANTEA. I also hate that I am so worried about money that I am not really sleeping well and I feel like a burden. I also hate people who think that they are rock stars when they are not. I hate the fact that NOW I HAVE ALL THESE FUCKING HARLEY CLOSE. AT LEAST THEY WERE CHEAP OH GOD THEY WEREN'T MADE IN THE US. OH GOD.

Thanks for reading 
and Thanks Bobby Jindhal

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Evan Nelson said...

First of all, my word verification is "gingstra," which I want to be my new nickname.

Second, you fuckin' rock, Mr. Ruccolo.

Third, Jindal is Kenneth the Page.

Fourthly, you fuckin' rock, Mr. Ruccolo.

Tha Gingstra