Sunday, March 23, 2008

Really Thats what you want to say to me...

So I have been doing alot of thinking today or more correctly the last couple of days. Why you ask well thats just what I do and I really shouldn't. So I was reading an op ed peace the other day and one f the authors was mad that Obama didn't dis own his pastor for his remarks because to paraphrase Dr. King was never publicly or privately angry .
First of all I would remind Mr. Minnetoka thats right rich suburbanite that doesn't have enough to fuck up. I would ask Mr. M how the fuck would you know how Dr. King felt privately? Then I would ask if he would start a boycott get bit by dogs and hosed off the streets and killed, just for fun. Really thats what you want to say to me?!
Secondly I agree with that Pastor but I would have said instead of God damn America I would say God Damn the Americans that vote out of fear or for stupid social issues such as abortion thats Right I said it. Why can't we get off the stupid shit and realize that we are eating ourselves alive. This country was founded by dissenters and people not happy with the government so shouldn't we as a society applaud men that can say what is on their minds and express anger. Because Mr. M the only time change happens is when people are MAD!!!!!

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Kris Kerzman for President 2024 said...

That pastor is a ballsy guy, sure. But, you're right, we should be able to express our anger and frustration with the way things are going. When Bill O'Reilly does it, though, it's just plain sad.