Monday, February 11, 2008

Heart to Heart With America for the Kerzman Ruccolo Camp

Dear America,

I love you America I love you form the Sea to shining Sea AMERICA. I love the fact that this country you can’t make a nice living and have a nice stable life. NOOOO we have to get a bigger house and a bigger car. We can’t be in the middle you have to be a baby killing lefty or a Right Wing God Lovein gun totin Crazy. I love the fact that being blue collar means being stupid. I love the fact that having a college degree means you can join the human race. I love the fact that men and woman have to work well into there sixties so they don’t lose everything. I love the fact that Christianity is only stated or used when making a buck I also love the fact that being Christian only applies on Sundays and not everyday .I also love the fact that to be Christian is to be better then everyone else even those damn Catholics. I love the fact that if you can’t afford the two hundred dollars for a tab of heart medication you say tough you should’ve made more money you can keep working with a chest tube right? I love the fact that some of your population is entertained for hours by watching racists white men drive in a circle. I love the fact that we fight wars so that we can get back to that old time feeling. I love the fact that laws are so opened ended that people have to fight for unemployment. I love the fact that we are so closed minded that you can’t take ideas from other countries on social issues because that’s right I forgot you are the best.

From Sea to Shining Sea..

I’m here today to tell you America that you suck!! You think by just repeating insanity that it will some how eventually work. Vietnam, Korea Iraq you get the picture. You need to fix a ton of things America. I believe that you can and it is as easy as sitting down and smoking a joint. You need to stop running into every situation because you are some great power. You need to sit back and Chill more importantly you need to THINK ahead AMERICA! You need to stop asking how you can fix the world and you need to start asking how you can fix yourself. Instead of running into war we need to THINK ahead you really need to ask yourself why should you harsh your buzz. You need to realize that the world has grown up. Just like all Mothers and Fathers do when their children become eight teen you need to realize that the world will be all right. You may need to send them a check so they can cover the cost of beer but they will do just fine without you. You need to stop asking what we can do for you AMERICA and we need to start asking what you can do for us. So I am here today to say that you have come a long way AMERICA don’t you think its time to take a nap?

Kerzmen Ruccolo 2024

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Kris Kerzman for President 2024 said...

If I may, Tony:

And another thing America. Do you seriously need a military larger than the militaries of the next 13 countries combined? Are you really ready to spend three quarters of a trillion dollars on a governmental agency that doesn't offer any other return except global animosity and PSTD? Pulling out of Iraq and cutting our military spending (small government, anyone?) by just one-third would mean no such thing as unemployment or going without health care in this country.

Think ahead! Your deficit spending is saddling our children with an economy and a social structure that rewards irresponsible and tyrannic action. We deserve better America. And so do you.