Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy today

So I have entered a few old posts and some that no one has seen so I thought that I would compose a new one for feb 11 2008. I paid little attention to the Grammys last night. The thing that struck me and something that should strike every music lover is that a number 1 album sold 600,000 copies in a week that is way down from the millions that once made you a number 1 hit about five years ago. I think that this is good and bad it is good if people can remember that there is good live music out there that you can pay a good price for and see. The bad thing is that this style of downloading is taking away from albums please remember behind that one great songs lies 11-15 songs that my be just as great as the hit. Music in a popular sense is about to embark on a big over haul just like our country and I believe that it is about time on both fronts. Just do for get about the album and the live performances in the coming face lift.

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